HOPI & UGO inspire a healthy lifestyle

HOPI & UGO inspire a healthy lifestyle

From spring 2019 UGO production moves to our warehouses in Jažlovice.

UGO Trade is the largest network of salads and fresh bars in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, and in recent years it is also a producer of fresh packaged salads and delicacies. A new space for food production of this packaged portfolio will be created in Jažlovice.

With the expansion of production planned by UGO Trade in connection with the construction of a production line at HOPI, new jobs will also be created. Information on these vacancies will be at HOPI's HR department.

HOPI and UGO Trade have committed themselves to respecting equal working conditions for their employees, creating attractive career opportunities, fair access and mutual cooperation. The common goal is to achieve good economic results for both companies and create motivating working conditions for our employees.

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