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HOPI Cup a HOPI Best Driver 2021 invitation

HOPI Cup a HOPI Best Driver 2021 invitation

Come and enjoy an action-packed day with your whole family! We invite you to the 18th year of the HOPI Cup 2021 and the final round of the HOPI Best Driver, which will take place in HOPI Jažlovice logistics park 11th Sepemeber 2021.

This year, for the first time in history, both competitions will take place in one day. The entertainment will be taken care of for both adults and children, for whom we are preparing a special entertainment program. So do not hesitate to come with your whole family!

Those of you who are not afraid to get into the cycling jersey register on no later than 28th August 2021.

As during the previous years there are two routes 15 and 55 km ready for you.

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HOPI je rodinná, dynamicky se rozvíjející se společnost, která nabízí nejen kariérní růst, ale i stabilitu, kvalitu poskytovaných služeb našim zákazníkům. Znají nás v celé Evropě, a jsme na to hrdí. Baví Vás čísla, máte smysl pro detail a analytické…

salary: 30000 - 35000 Kč

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