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Promotion – HOPI Vrátnice

Promotion – HOPI Vrátnice

We have been using our entrance system for many years to record arrivals and departures of vehicles within DC Jažlovice. Now we have decided to enrich this system with the possibility to call the driver into the warehouse via SMS notification. The new system utilization will speed up the process of delivering the truck to the gate and also allow us to monitor the availability of the gates online.

We have promoted this novelty with a one-week event. In spite of the bad weather, the event was successful. We have seen a very positive response to the drinks offered, both from drivers and from HOPI staff who visited our tent with Birell non-alcoholic beer. In total, we managed to reach 2 356 drivers and about 100 employees, who together handed out 900pcs of cans and drank 330l of non-alcoholic draft beer.
Many thanks to everyone who took part in this event.

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