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Meeting of HOPI FlexiForce employees

Meeting of HOPI FlexiForce employees

It is a good idea to say a thank you for well done job. This also applies to our colleagues from Ukraine, which happened at the traditional FlexiForce lunch in Mirošovice near Prague.

Pavel Pravec, Director of HOPI Czech Republic, took the floor first. He recapitulated the previous year and set targets for 2020. “It is important that everyone knows where the company is heading and what it wants to achieve. Not only management but also everyone in the warehouse and behind the steering wheel must be identified with the direction of HOPI,” explains Mr. Pravec. Mrs Lyudmila Khodnevych and Mrs Vlasta Bradáč took the floor, too, who also thanked our colleagues for their work and future plans. “The event was overwhelmingly positive. Such meetings are extremely important and we certainly want to do them more often than once a year,” concludes HR manager HOPI ČR Vlasta Bradáčů.

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