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Logistics students from VŠE on excursion in DC Jažlovice

Logistics students from VŠE on excursion in DC Jažlovice

On Tuesday, 29 March 2022, the excursion of the students of the VŠE Department of Logistics in DC Jažlovice was successful. Rather than describing how the excursion went from our point of view, we prefer to read the feedback directly from the students and representatives from the Department of Logistics of the VŠE.

"I would like to once again thank Mr. Janat and the entire HOPI team for the perfect organization of the excursion in DC Jažlovice.

The students had a unique opportunity to learn how cooperation between a client and a logistics service provider takes place under standard and non-standard conditions, such as the recent hacker attack on HOPI's IT infrastructure.

The excursion was very nicely and logically organized, from general information about HOPI and Nestlé, to a detailed introduction to specific sites. The students saw first-hand that logistics is no longer just about pallets, shelves and warehouses, but also a lot about data, communication and non-standard individual services for clients.

Thanks again to everyone for that."

Petr Jirsák, Department of Logistics

And what do the students have to say?

"I was most impressed by the training facilities at HOPILAND. The training facilities for the rank-and-file employees are professionally furnished." Lukáš, student at the University of Economics

"I was surprised to see a fish that had just been processed and yet less than a day ago it was still swimming in the sea." Ondřej, VŠE student

"It was very interesting to observe the robotized parts of the warehouses and the ongoing operations. Such interplayed processes resembled a perfect symphony." Tomáš, student at the University of Economics

"The biggest benefit for me was the expert explanation by a professional from HOPI. The prompt responses to any questions left me in awe." Kristýna, student at the University of Economics

"I was intrigued by the yogurt mixing robot, the first time I came across the concept of Cobot vs Robot. The H1 warehouse was really an experience. The fish processing section gave me a better insight into the products I normally consume." Juraj, student at VŠE

"At HOPI, I was most impressed by the control department called tower, which provides control of the entire processes within HOPI." Tomáš, student at the University of Economics

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