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Business for the 21st Century: Responsible. Sustainable. Considerate

The values we follow are as important to us as the business itself. Our good reputation, the satisfaction of our customers and employees, the sustainable development of the whole society is all essential to our business. We have a sophisticated environmental strategy, we are engaged in a number of CSR activities (Corporate Social Responsibility) and we are guided by a corporate ethical codes.

Code of Ethics

We believe that good quality business is just as important as the quality relationships between its customers. That is why we have a code of ethics in HOPI, which we carefully follow.


Employees - At HOPI, we want to create a work environment in which there is an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect for all. We want to hold everyone responsible and accountable for their work performance to maintain our good reputation. We strive to further progress our employees, give them space to grow and maintain open communication with them through corporate information and consultation processes. We want everyone to work together and function as one team with a common goal.

Honesty and integrity

HOPI is guided by the principles of honesty and fair dealing. We act in this conduct with suppliers, customers, competitors and our employees. We are open, honest, truthful and straight forward. Thus, we expect the same in return.

Business partners

Our strategy is to acquire and maintain our business partners with a quality of service that is fully tailored to their individual needs and requirements. We comply with ISO 9001 and HACCP, including hazard analysis and critical point determination for all logistics processes. We strive to always set up mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, suppliers and other business partners that follow our principles and goals.

Environmental Strategies

Our business makes an effort to minimize the burden on the environment. We have a certified environmental management system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001: 2005 for storage, assembly, cross dock operations, purchases, sales and transportation of dry, chilled and frozen goods. We also contribute to the protection of the environment through the following activities:

Waste heat utilization

We use the heat from the refrigerator compressors to heat the office buildings and the internal water.


We installed energy efficient lights in our warehouses, we use the technology of reflective surfaces, and we have introduced motion sensors to save energy.

Support of planting forests

Under the "TREES FOR LIFE" program, the supplier company will plant a tree for every 10 of our paper cartons. Annually, its an average of 700 new trees.

Solar Energy

There is a solar power plant on the rooftops of our warehouse that produces energy for our consumption with load distribution through out our networks and arable land.


Gradually, we have introduced the EURO 5 and 6 standards. Through this, we achieve maximum fuel savings through central planning, fleet diversification and driver training for the economic drive.


We are apart of REMA - "Green Company" that focuses on waste sorting, recycling, and using economical packaging machines. We have reduced the production of waste and packaging materials. Additionally, we recycle any old electrical appliances.

Social Responsibility

Within our CSR activities, we support a number of sporting, cultural and educational projects that enrich our society and contribute to the greater life satisfaction of our fellow citizens.

History of HOPI

In 1992, Frantisek Piskanin founded a transport company near Karlovy Vary. Astonishingly, 20 years later Mr. Piskanin received the Ernst & Young Enterprise award for Entrepreneur of the year for HOPI Holding. The family company from Klášterec na Ohří gradually expanded to Slovakia (2000), Hungary (2014), Poland (2012) and Romania (2013) from the base of Prague and Moravia. Since 2012, the company has evolved into HOPI Holding a.s., which includes: HOPI FOODS, HOLLANDIA Karlovy Vary and Farm Otročín a.s.

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Technický ředitel HOPI Holding

Realizujte své technické schopnosti v HOPI Holdingu!HOPI Holding je logisticko-výrobní skupina, která je na trhu etablovaná již 27 let a podniká v pěti zemích střední Evropy. Nabízíme pozici technického ředitele, který bude dohlížet na technickou správu,…

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Nabízíme ti náborový příspěvek 2 x 20 000,- KčV HOPI děláme logistiku přes 25 let. Znají nás v celé Evropě a jsme na to hrdí. Výše odměny u nás ve skladu není zastropovaná, takže při pořádném nasazení, svědomitosti a troše cviku si vyděláte slušné peníze…

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Jaká práce tě čeká a co k ní budeš potřebovat* Za rok se u nás naučíš tolik věcí, jako v agentuře za pětiletku. Projedeš marketingový svět tam a zpátky. * Trello je naše mapa, díky ní se neztratíš v rozjetých projektech. A že jich je! * Práce u nás je…

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