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We are a Czech logistics company, and because of our high demand in our services, we are essentially looking for new colleagues to join our company. We will teach newcomers and reward you with great performance. We are always looking for skilled workers who want to grow their career with us. Do you want to join HOPI?

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800 112 020
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We are looking for

Graduates and experts with experience in different departments who want to build their career in a strong logistics company.

What we offer

Respect, growth and fair rewards are a matter of course for us. In addition, our employees are pampered with a delicious canteen food, free-of-charge transport to work or a very cheap mobile tariff.


We are here for you

Personnel department of HOPI
Entrance H1, Zděbradská 74,
Jažlovice, 251 01
Říčany near to Prague

+420 323 614 313


Why to choose HOPI?

Our strength is: our high customer focus
and our satisfied employees.

more about HOPI
Central European coverage
Stability, flexibility and security
Fair employer
Quality customer care
Increasing efficiency
Supporting human potential