Food Broker

We link companies to suppliers. Double-sided.

We have many years of experience with our business chains and suppliers. Additionally, we connect both, companies and supplies to help benefit each side.

We select a suitable supplier for the chain of stores and introduce our products. Thanks to our tax warehouse. Additionally, we can offer wine and spirits in options of: dry, chilled or frozen items. For selected products, we can help propose optimal conditions and prices. The administration HOPI FOOD BROKER, is committed to manage the products, inventory and the negotiation of sales.

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Pracovník přípravy výroby

Pojďte řídit přípravu výroby do HOPIU nás není na nudu čas: vyrábíme etikety, kolkujeme výrobky a balíme zboží. Všechno musí být rychle a precizně vyřízené. Klíčoví jsou pro nás proto lidé, kteří zvládnou dokonale plánovat i řídit procesy a zároveň vést…

salary: 25000 - 27000 Kč

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Why choose HOPI?

Our strength is: our high customer focus
and our satisfied employees.

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Central European coverage
Stability, flexibility and security
Fair employer
Quality customer care
Increasing efficiency
Supporting human potential

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