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The quality of logistics and storage in HOPI underline superstructure services with high added value for our business partners.


Ultra fresh fish and seafood from the coast

How can a land without an ocean and sea have such a rich variety of fresh seafood? It is all thanks to our HOPI CEE Fish HUB and its clever location in the Czech Republic. From surrounding seas, the transportation of fresh fish takes approximately 18 hours to arrive to our workplace in Prague. Then, the fish are gutted, transported, replenished with ice, labelled and carefully packed and shipped to your store. All these steps are completed with and International certification. Correspondingly, HOPI is able to provide fresh fish and seafood deliveries throughout the CEE region - even to places where consumers can only dream about the sea.
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Food Broker

We link companies to suppliers. Double-sided.

We have many years of experience with our business chains and suppliers. Additionally, we connect both, companies and supplies to help benefit each side.

We select a suitable supplier for the chain of stores and introduce our products. Thanks to our tax warehouse. Additionally, we can offer wine and spirits in options of: dry, chilled or frozen items. For selected products, we can help propose optimal conditions and prices. The administration HOPI FOOD BROKER, is committed to manage the products, inventory and the negotiation of sales.
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Central storage of packaging

Delivery notes and pallets under control

We check and confirm delivery notes and other documents related to the movement of goods. The scanned information will then be stored in the HOPI portal, where they are accessible to you at anytime to see. Additionally, we arrange, sort and categorize pallets, remove damaged parts, repair them and ship it back to you. We provide the option of different types of designs of EUR pallets or non-standard designs.

Active inventory management

Optimize internal costs by supply outsourcing

At HOPI, we offer our business partners a unique concept of managing their stock. Individually, we agree on the conditions of storage, ordering and supplying selection. We make purchases in our name and we finance it from our own sources; therefore, you only pay for your goods. We use our SAP-based purchasing software to maintain a price range (we check the accuracy of vendor billing) to help manage stem data. We are based on this system that allows us to send you a veterinary report of your paid packages. We optimize inventories based on sales predictions, and we also provide reverse logistics - withdrawal of merchandise from sales on SVS's instructions. Also, tailor-made reporting is an option.

Job Offer

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Správce údržby areálu

HOPI je rodinná dynamicky se rozvíjející se společnost, která nabízí nejen kariérní růst, ale i stabilitu, kvalitu poskytovaných služeb našim zákazníkům. Znají nás v celé Evropě, a jsme na to hrdí. ✌ Správce údržby areálu hraje klíčovou roli při…

salary: 42000 - 50000 Kč

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Operátor na skladě

Hledáte manuální práci, kde si výši své mzdy určujete pečlivým a odpovědným výkonem? Pak vám rádi představíme pozici na našem skladu VAS ve Všechromech. A proč jít právě k nám do HOPI ? Protože jsme na trhu už 31 let a v logistice nejsme žádný…

salary: 22000 - 25000 Kč

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Obsluha retraku - náborový příspěvek 20.000 Kč Ⓓ

HOPI je rodinná dynamicky se rozvíjející se společnost, která nabízí nejen kariérní růst, ale i stabilitu, kvalitu poskytovaných služeb našim zákazníkům. Znají nás v celé Evropě, a jsme na to hrdí. ✌ Umíte jezdit na retraku? Tak neváhejte a mrkněte,…

salary: 30000 - 38000 Kč

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